You Want What is Best for Your Parents

If your parents or loved ones have been living independently for some time, it may be difficult to help them think about moving out of their current home. They don’t want to leave their home, and they definitely don't want to be in a “nursing home.”


But you’re worried about them being lonely and who will care for them in the future.


Take Janice, who had taken a spill, and now her family concerned about her living at home alone. She’s intrigued by the idea of adding structure and ease to her life and is tired of cooking, but she still wants to be active and do things when she wants.


Assisted living may actually help keep Janice healthier, safer, and perhaps even happier.



What is Assisted Living?

The fastest growing long-term care option for seniors, assisted living provides a senior housing solution for adults who can live independently but also require some assistance.

For many seniors, assisted living provides just the level of care they need to thrive in the next phase of life.

How Do You Decide When to Make the Move?

When should that next phase start? How can you know when it’s time to start considering making the move into assisted living?

It depends on a lot of things, including how well your loved one is faring in their current home, their present health status, and their future medical and personal needs. 

ARB-7 Warning Signs Its Time to Move to AL-BOOK

The answer isn’t going to be the same for everybody, but there are signs you can watch for. This guide looks at seven warning signs it’s time to make the move to assisted living, including ones you already might know — such as difficulty with activities of daily living — and a few that might come as a surprise.